Thursday, January 30, 2014

I sense everything

I don't need someone to tell me because just in a matter of time I will  know every single thing. Yes I do. I might not have magical power but I do have a heart to feel, it's enough for me to acknowledge the real issues. I was broken at the moment and some light comes into my life and tell me that she could shine me up and take all the sorrows away and I asked the light is she really going to take the step cause there is no turning back afterward. I warned her that I'm a person who's difficult to deal with, myself is a puzzle and she said she could dive deeper into my heart if I give her a chance to. I'm a paranoid and very cautious, I take everything seriously and then I started to put off my walls after she convinced me. For that moment, I know there's no way to go back either happiness shine or I will be crushed to the ground real hard again. Life starts beautifully just like when we were born, a baby with nothing else to worry about and enjoy every moment to the fullest but then everything started to fall one by one. One may think that the pain will be healed in a matter of time but one forgets that one is different from another. If one day I were meant to be broken again I beg the light please crush me as hard as you can, so I feel nothing and trust no one. The only way is for me to love in silence for in silence, I found no rejection.

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